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The certification application fee is only $89 and includes your first year of service. Renewal fees currently are set at only $29 per year and will be billed 30 days before your one year anniversary in the program. You will be required to place the Privacy-First™ Logo on your web site next to your e-mail subscription sign up ( see below ).

The policy is simple. Read these basic rules. If you agree to the basic rules fill out the application below, read the actual statements of policy before filling out the form.

  1. You must be a provider of an information based newsletter. This means that you provide articles or facts on any given topic in a wriiten fashion. Your newsletter cannot be one that is used simply to promote an event, product or service.
  2. Your mail list must be 100% opt-in. The verification process will determine if you have a repution for spamming. Spammers do not qualify for this program and your processing fee will be non-refundable in the event that you have an extensive record of spamming.
  3. Mailing of advertisements that are not a part of your regular newsletter are permitted only if a separate list or opt-in mailing are used for these purposes. For example, you may have one list for your newsletter and a separate list for "special offers". If this is the case, Privacy-First™ can only be applied to the newsletter list. Potential subscribers must be made aware of this on your sign-up and given the option to sign up for either list or both. ( This, by the way, is good e-mail strategy and preserves your newsletter list from frequent opt-outs ).
  4. Third party mailings ( advertisements sent out for other companies ) will disqualify you for future use of the program and you will be asked to remove the Privacy-First™ logo from your site. Failure to remove the logo promptly will result in legal action. All complaints of this type of activity will be investigated and you will be notified when complaints are filed. You will have up to 10 days to respond to such claims.
  5. The Privacy-First™ Logo Must Be Clearly Displayed next to your sign up ( subscribe ) box and in your newsletter. If your newsletter is text only, a link should be provided to the Privacy-First™ web site as provided.
  6. Violations of any policy in whole or in part will result in exclusion from the Privacy-First™ program.
  7. If you have any doubts or questions about the requirements of this agreement, please call 678-508-5975
  8. All registration fees and annual fees are non-refundable.

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Below is the Privacy-First™ Logo and text link for text based e-mail. The logo must appear next to your registration box and in your email template and the link is for placement in text e-mail only.

This E-mail is Privacy-First Certified - visit for details.
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If you are unsure, please send us an email from your list at [email protected]
*How do you collect email addresses to be added to your list?
Please explain, then check all that apply below:
*Offline collection ( ie, collecting business cards, etc. ): Yes No
*Collection from Third Parties ( ie, sign up on other web sites ): Yes No
*Do you buy or sell email addresses or lists?: Yes No
*Could you provide proof of opt in if necessary?: Yes No
*Do you collect e-mail addresses by any other means?: Yes No
*Do you currently or plan in the future to share or sell your list or provide e-mail addresses to a third party?: Yes No
*Where do you provide notice of privacy?:
*What type of Opt-In system and verification do you use for your list? ( Check all that apply )
Double Opt In:
Opt In with verification:
Opt In:
if Other, how do you add e-mail addresses to your list?:
*Are you Familiar with the Can Spam Act?
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*Do you have a Privacy Policy for your web site?: Yes No
*What is the url for your privacy policy?:
*What is the IP Address of the computer you are working on?
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The three check boxes below represent your electronic signature. By completeing this form, you agree to all terms and conditions and Policies for the use of this service. By checking the boxes below, you signify your agreement.
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