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Q. Why should my company apply for a Privacy-First™ certification?

A. Many consumers have experienced having a subscription to a wanted newsletter turn into a torrent of unwanted advertisements. Privacy-First™ ensures the consumer that all efforts will be made to protect their privacy and enforce our policies, thus offering a greater chance that their privacy will be protected and they will get only the newsletter they asked for when subscribing.

Q. Does the Privacy-First™ program guarantee that I will get less spam in my in-box?

A. Spam is recieved from all types of senders. While Privacy-First™ can not guarantee a decrease in spam e-mail, it will help to decrease the amount of unsolicited and unwanted e-mail that comes from subscribing to opt-in newsletters. An example of this kind of spam is when you subscribe to a newsletter and then begin receiving unwanted advertisements for a third party that is not part of an actual newsletter provider company. This type of unwanted e-mail is prohibited in the Privacy-First™ program and would result in the sender losing their certification. Privacy-First™ is a monitoring system for good e-mail practices. Accredited senders must have a prior business relationship or clear disclosures of email collection and use with consent prior to sending commercial email messages.

Q. Does Privacy-First™ protect my credit card information?

A. Most consumer web sites strive to ensure the safety of the credit card information of it's users. The Privacy-First™ is a system to hold newsletter providers accountable for good e-mail practices only. It is not a protector from other means of privacy violations. Good online security practices are your best means of protecting credit card information and Privacy-First™ does not and can not protect you from credit card fraud.

Q: What if I receive spam by a seal holder?

A. Consumers can file a complaint online at Privacy-First™ will contact the sender to resolve the dispute and ensure that the consumer in unsubscribed. We also track complaint rates and score the frequency and severity of the complaints received. Companies which exceed pre-determined thresholds will be suspended pending investigation.

Q. Are all sites that display the Privacy-First™ logo participating in the program?

A. If the site is not listed on this site, it is not actively involved in our program. We ask that any site displaying our logo be reported here if it it does not appear on our list.

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