Filing A Complaint ?

Privacy-First™ works diligently to ensure that your e-mail address is protected by our certified sites, but we also rely on you to hold our Registered Sites accountable.

Before you file a complaint please do the following:

  • Confirm that the sender in question is a Privacy-First™ certified site. (See our list.)
  • Verify that your complaint is a matter relating to Privacy-First™ policies. (See our policies.)
  • Consider contacting the Privacy-First™ certified member site directly before filing a complaint.

If the Privacy-First™ Registered Site does not resolve your complaint quickly and satisfactorily, Privacy-First™ will review your complaint and mediate a solution.

Please be aware that we do review all complaints and report your allegation of a privacy violation to the sender. In doing so, your identity will be protected and will only be revealed with your permission by checking the box for permission on the form below.

allows the alleged violator ten days to respond to the complaint. We will evaluate the nature of the offense and take appropriate action as determined by our investigation. An investigation will be elevated to escalated status when it is a repeat and/or severe violation as determined by Privacy-First™. Escalated investigations have two possible results: Satisfactory Resolution or Termination of Certification Status.

Notice: All fields are required to process your complaint.
If the site you are reporting is not on our Registered Site List, no action will be taken.
We do not monitor other sites, spammers, or other internet scams.

After submitting the form below, please forward the email you are filing
a complaint about to [email protected]
For further details on how your complaint is handled read our consumer policy.

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