When you sign up for a newsletter or mailing list, you do it to receive information that you want. You do not do it to get all kinds of email unrelated to the purpose of signing up. The last thing we need is more spam in our in-box. At Privacy-First™ we agree that we should receive only what we asked for, not an e-mail more than that.

It is likely that you are visiting our site to investigate our certification logo and to see what our program involves. Our program is simple. We are an internet monitor for best e-mail practices. We know that you do not want to give your e-mail address to someone who will abuse it.

Through our monitoring system and reporting program, we give you the opportunity to be assured that the company you are giving your email address to will use it in an ethical manner and only for the purpose that you subscribe to their list.

Registered sites must pass our strict requirements before they can display our certification logo. Once a site is certified, it is monitored by us to ensure your privacy and we allow you, the consumer, to report violations of our policy.

This two point system gives you the assurance you need to make an informed decision when subscribing to a mailing list. Be sure to take advantage of our reporting system if it is necessary. That is why we are here.

Check our Registered Site List then go ahead and subscribe knowing that your privacy will be protected.

As a provider of valuable information, we know that you want your prospective subscribers to know that you value their patronage and will do everything in your power to guarantee their privacy. The problem is, they don't know that about you yet.

The result of this is a lower rate of subscription based on bad experiences with unethical e-mailers. Theoritically, you are being punished for other people's bad behavior.

Privacy-First™ is a third party monitor of best e-mail practices. The Privacy-First™ seal is designed to be recognized by consumers. It provides you with a sure-fire method to guarantee your subscribers permission-based and fair treatment of their email addresses.

We do this by conducting a thorough inquiry of your Internet practices from various reporting sources. when we have completed our research, we provide you with our seal of approval.

Once you have the certification, your subscribers are permitted to report abuses of their e-mail privacy. We are aware that in some cases misunderstandings can arise, so we do not make rash decisions based on consumer reports. All reports are investigated for authenticity and verified before action is taken to suspend your account.

Therefore we protect both you AND the consumer to make it a win-win situation for both parties. Take a moment to review our policies and register for your certification today.

Registration for certification is only $89 and includes first year of service. Yearly renewal is only $29! Register today and increase your subscriber rate by offering the privacy that the world wants for their e-mail address!

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